Monday, 11 December 2017

10 Gift Ideas for Him

I promised you that I will come up with a couple of ideas on what you can get this Christmas for your dad, brother, grandpa, boyfriend or husband - and here it is, as promised! Without further ado, here are 10 gift ideas for him!

#1 - Perfume
This is the gift that you can give to someone who you may not know that well for instance your boss. However, if you know what types of scents or fragrances he likes, you can ask for help at the perfume shop to try and find the best scent that is perfect for the person you're gifting it to!

#2 - Play Station Games
If you need to get a gift to someone who is obsessed with play station or likes to spend his free time playing these types of games there are various options on what you can get him!

#3 - Sports/Gym Wear
If the guy you're gifting to is a 'gym-rat' you can go to a sports shop such as Urban Jungle and either get him a top and a shorts/trousers or a new pair of trainers - anything that will get him motivated to work out in 2018!

#4 - Sunglasses
Having sunshine all year round here in Malta, you cannot really go wrong with a pair of sunglasses!

#5 - Whisky & Beer Lover
If the guy is a fanatic of beet or whisky, nowadays there are personalised whisky glasses or beer glasses that can be bought and kept as a collection. There are also  boxes that contain different bottles of beer/whisky, normally in a mini form!

#6 - Cordless Trimmer
Whether for his head, beard or mustache, any man who appreciates maintaining well-groomed hair will love this cordless trimmer as a Christmas gift. There will be no more fussing in the bathroom over a cord that limits his reach and flexibility! 

#7- Go Pro/Professional Camera/Drone 
Although this may be a bit pricey, if he is into photography or loves to document his adventures with a Go Pro or even a drone (might be a bit expensive!) then one of these three would be perfect!

#8 - Travel Destination Map
If your boyfriend, husband, brother or whoever may be is into travelling, you can get him a travel destination map. It's a cute and sweet idea in my opinion, especially if the person you're gifting it to is your travel buddy! He can then mark the places he has visited!

#9 - Camp
If he's outdoorsy and loves to camp, you can invest in a camp for him. There are really cool ones that either fit a large number of people (for when you go camping with your friends) or else one that has more areas and space in it!

#10 - Beats Headphones
if he's into music or loves to listen to music while he's studying or while he's doing something he loves, you can buy him a pair of really good headphones so that he can listen his favourite music all day long!

Hope this list helped you out just a little bit and I hope your Christmas shopping is nearly done!

Deborah X

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