Thursday, 19 April 2018

Review: Conceal, Contour & Highlight with Rimmel

Hi everyone! Today's post is a beauty related - I haven't done one of these in a while and I honestly miss it! 

A couple of weeks ago I received a package from Rimmel and I got two lovely products: The #Insta Conceal Contour and the #Insta Duo Contour Stick.

First up is the #Insta Conceal Contour. This product comes with three little pans. A Highlight Illuminer, a Conceal Corriger and a Contour Sculptor. These three pans have a creamy consistency and they are actually very easy to blend. I used my beauty blender and dipped the tip of it in the pan and applied that straight on the areas I wanted to put it on. However, I do think that it does not give you full coverage.

Moving on to my favourite product out of the two, the #Insta Duo Contour Stick. I have to be honest with you, I was a bit skeptical to try it out because I prefer powder contour and highlight. I don't know why but I always had this idea that the cream contour would be so hard to blend.

I was actually wrong! I simply use the contour stick on the hollow of my cheeks, a bit on my forehead and a bit beneath my chin. Yes, I do draw slightly thicker lines than I would have done if using the powder but that's because I feel you need more product for the contour and highlight to actually show. As for the highlight I simply apply that on my cheek bones and blend that slightly with my fingers.

All in all, I loved both of these products and I think that for the affordable price, you can get a lot from them.

Applied highlighter on my cheek bones & contoured slightly (marked with dots) on top of my forehead and bottom of my chin and applied generous amounts on the hollows of my cheeks.

Everything blended!

That's it for today! Hope you enjoyed this review - I'll talk to you very soon!

Deborah X

Amsterdam 2018 - Day 1 & Day 2 #Travel

Hi beauties, hope you're all doing okay! Today I'm back with another #travel blogpost. This time I will be talking to you about that time I went to Amsterdam last February. Yes, I did vlog everything so if you would like to check them out you can do so by clicking here for Day 1 and here for Day 2.

On our first day we didn't do much since we arrived late afternoon. We simply went on a city tour across the city - that's why I decided to join the two days in one blogpost.

However, our second day was a bit more eventful!

The Heineken Experience

The Heineken Experience which is obviously located in Amsterdam, is a historic brewery and a visitor center for the internationally distributed Dutch pilsner, Heineken beer. The tour was a very interesting one. They took us through the history of Heineken and they also explained to us how the beer is done step by step. What I loved is the visuals which make it all so real. They also showed us a five minute video that explains the process of the brewing from beginning to end. I'm not a beer lover but I still enjoyed it so I highly suggest you go to the brewery if you're ever in Amsterdam. If you want to purchase the tickets for the Heineken Experience you can do so here.

Artis Zoo

Artis is a zoo in central Amsterdam. It is the oldest zoo in the Netherlands and one of the oldest zoos of mainland Europe. It also contains an aquarium and a planetarium. Artis also has an arboretum and a fairly large art collection. A part of the art collection is on display in the Aquarium building of the zoo. Artis contains 27 monumental buildings, most of which are used as enclosures for the animals, making Artis a unique cultural heritage of the 19th century. It wasn't my first time visiting a zoo but I still get so excited when I go to one. We saw so many animals, some of which I had no idea they even existed. Obviously, my favourites would have to be the giraffes, monkeys & the sea lions! Buy your tickets here!

A'Dam Lookout

A'Dam Lookout is an observation deck with a panoramic view of Amsterdam. You can also go on a swing that is 100  metres above the ground, back and forth over the edge of the tower with Amsterdam literally beaneath you! I was too scared to go on the swing but I still enjoyed the view and the walk we took to get there. If you would be interested in purchasing tickets, you can do so here.

Escape Club

We love a bit of a party and so on our Friday night in Amsterdam we went to Club Escape. We really enjoyed there and we literally danced all night (we got back to our hotel at 5am!). I was so tired when we left the club, that I could barely keep my eyes open haha!

Make sure you watch Day 1 and Day 2 of the Amsterdam vlog and I will see you all next Saturday for the last vlog of Amsterdam which will combine Day 3 and Day 4!

Deborah X

Monday, 16 April 2018


Hi loves! I'm back with another outfit post. I am so excited about this one. I decided to call this blogpost #BossLady. Although I am not a very good poser when it comes to photos, I wanted to try and share something different through these photos, a message! I chose a couple of key words that I wanted to include in this blogpost which are determination, motivation & women empowerment. 

Before I start this blogpost and share with you my outfit I wanted to share with you my favourite two influencing women that in my opinion are so motivating, inspiring and determined in everything that they do! In fact, I always find myself scrolling through their feed every morning and every night whether it's their Instagram or their Facebook. These two women do not need any introduction; Tamara Webb and Grazielle Camilleri .

What I love about Grazielle is that despite her busy schedule, despite the fact that she is a wife and a mummy with tonnes of errands and meetings everyday she still finds time for what really matters. One of the things I admire in her is that she gets up EVERY MORNING and works out even if it's just for a couple of minutes. She's in her early 40s and her abs are literally #goals. She makes time for her family and she always strives to be better in anything she does! Whenever I read one of her blogposts I always find myself filled with such determination and motivation to keep working hard towards my dreams and goals.

Tamara Webb is another woman I like to follow! Firstly, can we talk about her body? I mean, #goals (again!). She works so hard for anything fitness related and she honestly motivates me to get up from my bed and go for a run or go to the gym! What I like about Tamara is that she is not like any other regular influencers on Instagram or Facebook that shows you the 'positive side' of life only. She's realistic, she makes it clear that even she has her bad days; that even she has her imperfections & that's okay. Sometimes we get so caught up in trying to look up to someone that we forget that after all they're humans too and they're not perfect!

I decided to ask both of these lovely ladies some questions and share a bit more about them.

What is your motivation to get things done on your bad days and how do you keep yourself so motivated and determined to accomplish your goals whether they are work related or not?

Grazielle told me that she is an extremely positive person and despite having her challenging days just like everyone else, she likes to get things done even if it's tough. 

''In general I motivate myself because I feel that I have great purpose to wake up in the morning to do my work, I feel grateful for everything I have in my life and I also say to myself that if other inspiring women out there can do it on their bad days, so can I. I also feel as an influencer in social media that I have to set an example from the morning, by not making excuses for skipping exercise routines or to be lazy because I know that people are watching and they do get inspired when they see I’m already up at 7am doing my thing on Instagram and setting by example. Even that motivates me and it feels good in my heart! ''

Being a blogger herself, I really enjoy reading her blogposts. One which really made an impact in the way I look at things in my life was the one titled How to Keep Motivated. She also shares her steps on how to keep motivated and I love going back to it when I find myself lacking motivation.

Tamara believes that the best way to overcome a bad day is to simply accept it and find some time for yourself to reflect on everything happening around you. 

''Bad days come and go for EVERYONE. LIFE IS TOO SHORT not to get things done. I have dreams, I have goals, and I want to make those happen. Above all, as cheesy as it might sound, my biggest motivation are MY QUEENS. ALL my amazing followers who are motivated with my content. The more motivation I give them, the more I have for myself.''

Who motivates you and make you feel determined?

In this mini-interview I had with these lovely ladies, Grazielle shared that her two biggest inspirations and motivators are her husband and the talented and beautiful Jennifer Lopez. 

''Jennifer Lopez is a talented, driven woman who has achieved a multitude of accomplishments in her life and she is an inspiring woman who spreads beautiful love energy to the world through her work and by being herself. She has had very tough moments too and she has faced them with honour and pride. Women like her make me want to be the best version of myself and really push myself to do things I want to do, without listening to the negative naysayers in society who very often do not encourage you but discourage you.''

Another person who motivates Grazielle is her husband Marco. He gives her the freedom to evolve, to grow and respects her as a woman. He is her backbone and she is his. 

''I wish for all persons  out there to respect their partners and allow them to be themselves, to follow their dreams and not to discourage them. My husband motivates me and many others to keep dreaming and to enjoy the journey every single day. It is a blessing.''

Tamara also told me that her number one motivation would probably be her husband. 

''He is my best friend, biggest fan and the most hard working person I know. He pushes me DAILY and gives me the best advise whether it's what I want to hear or not.''

Why do you do what you do, in terms of work?

Apart from being a blogger, Grazielle has her own PR & Communications business. That is one of the things I love about her - she had a dream, she wanted this life for herself and her family - she worked hard for it and she is now very successful. Her hard work and determination are what really inspires me in everyday situations. She loves doing this because it gives her great satisfaction and to know that she is motivating or inspiring at least one person is enough for her!

Tamara told me that when she first started all of this she used to ask herself if sharing your life is really worth it. Although some people might disagree with her, she falls in love with the feeling she gets through her followers a little more each day. 

''Unconsciously, I found a way how to make my work, my daily routines and the way I think, a PURPOSE. We all pass through good and bad times in life - and if sharing my experiences in life helps at least one person daily, that's enough for me. We all come in this world ONCE. I FOUND MYSELF. I know myself. I am happy.  Being yourself is the only way. I want to spread this word as far as I can. THAT is my #purpose.''

These two women are in my opinion two individuals that share so much passion in what they do, motivation and determination and I look up to those qualities so much, so thank you ladies!

I felt that I needed a simple outfit to compliment this blogpost and interview. I chose one which makes me feel a #bosslady. It's also perfect for the office - for all those women who are determined to achieve their goals, this is for you!

I paired this striped black and white shirt with a simple pair of black fitted trousers. I chose to wear court heels for this look, but feel free to switch up to flats if you prefer that option!

Who is your biggest inspiration?! Let me know in the comments down below!

I hope you enjoyed this blogpost - I know it was a little different but I really wanted to use my platform to share this message with all of you!

Until next time!

Deborah X

Photography: MCMifsud Photography

Outfit Details:

Shirt - New Look
Trousers - Zara
Shoes - H&M

Huge thank you goes to Tamara & Grazielle for accepting to be part of this blogpost!

Find Grazielle & Tamara on Social Media:

Facebook: Blog by Grazielle & Tamara Webb
Instagram: Grazielle Camilleri & Tamara Webb

Saturday, 14 April 2018

Review: Uriage Water Hand Cream & Moisturizer Lipstick

Hi loves! I'm back with another collaboration with Uriage Malta. A couple of weeks ago, I received two goodies that I was dying to try out. All my recent trips were in places that were really cold and so my skin wasn't reacting quite well to it. I had extremely dry hands (because little me decided not to wear gloves on certain days just to be able to take photos!) plus my lips were chapped. 

Therefore, I was quite pleased when I found these two products in my mail.

First up is the Uriage Water Hand Cream.

''This hand cream is an ultra nourishing skincare enriched with Uriage Thermal Water to create an « invisible glove » on your hands to fight against climatic aggressions. This hand cream soothes and brings comfort to dry and weakened hands.''

I am using it day and night - first thing in the morning, and last thing before I go to bed and I have seen such an improvement in my hands. They're not dry and flaky anymore and best of all, they're not harsh like they were a couple of weeks ago. Since it's also a 30ml tube I carried it with me on my last trip and I made sure to apply it while I was there too!

Next up is the Uriage Moisturizer Lipstick.

It contains ''vitamins C and E that protect from external aggressions, thanks to their anti-oxidant and free-radical actions.'' 

I had been using the Baby Lips Dr.Rescue by Maybelline for a while but the product recently finished so it was the perfect opportunity to try this one out. I use lip balms all the time. I apply it before I go to bed but mostly I use it when I am doing my makeup - first thing before anything else! And if I'm doing a quick makeup look and I am not wearing any lipstick - this baby would be my life saver! It makes my lips feel so soft and moisturized - I love it!

Huge thank you goes to Uriage Malta for partnering with me in this blogpost!

That's all for today!

Deborah X

Photography: MCMifsud Photography

Friday, 13 April 2018

Mind the Gap.

Good Morning everyone! Hope you're having an amazing day - it's almost the weekend, YAY! At the moment I am busy (what's new?!) with Student Fest 2018 which is basically a production that is directed by university students and I'm taking part alongside talented students. We have three shows this weekend & I'm so excited!

I called today's post Mind the Gap for the simple reason that the t-shirt that is featured in this post is from London. For those of you who have been to London know that this phrase is frequently used when using the underground - ''Please mind the gap between the train and the platform!'' As you all know I went to London recently so I wanted to have this piece in my wardrobe to remind me of that trip!

While I was in London I vlogged and I also did a Lookbook so make sure to check them out if you haven't done so already (I'll link them at the end of the post). 

It was quite simple to create this outfit. I love these type of outfits because they're so laid back and comfy. And I think by now you know that when I say ''laid back and comfy'' I only mean one thing - my boyfriend jeans. I got them about two years ago and I still wear them frequently (maybe a little too much!)

I simply paired my London themed grey t-shirt with my distressed boyfriend jeans (you can even tuck in slightly the t-shirt!) and finished it off with the comfiest shoes I own at the moment i.e. my pastel pink sneakers.

How easy was that?!

Thanks for reading yet another blogpost & thank you for all the support!! Make sure you 'like' Distorted Priorities here if you haven't done so already and follow me on Instagram here!


Deborah X

Photography: MCMifsud Photography

London Vlogs: Day 1, Day 2 & Day 3
London Lookbook

Outfit Details:

T-Shirt - Primark
Jeans - Stradivarius
Shoes - Downunder